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Wish the laminated card would say use room temp water for the test, instead of just on the extended directions on this forum. Since it seems to be a major thing. Pool is perfect... beyond perfect other than CYA... I thought it was 10, added some to bring it up... read the directions on here, and realized i did it wrong, so got some room temp water, and now the CYA is at 70. Guessing it was 50 and not 10 before. Cold water is bad Learn from my mistake! I have
Category: pool Post By: STEPHEN WRIGHT (Chandler, AZ), 02/28/2019

How cold is the water, and how much CYA did you add? Are you performing the test outdoors on a bright sunny day with your back to the sun? A 40ppm swing from cold to room temperature water seems very excessive.

- JAIME RAMSEY (San Marcos, TX), 03/24/2019

Ok. so last year it was around 100 CYA. pool store and me not knowing anything got it up that high. So 50 is probably correct as I drained half the pool for winter and let it fill up. Water was 59 degrees so not freezing when I first tested it, and the tube filled up and was just slightly cloudy, so i figured 10. i added about 20 ppm of cya... so i tested again with the 72 inside temp water and it came out to 70 cya. So by all calculations that is correct. Just weird that it showed 10 cya at 60 degrees...

- MABEL MORAN (Blaine, MN), 04/09/2019

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